• E:52 Novaspirit Tech

    Don, AKA Novaspirit Tech (Gaming, and even TV) joins us to discuss his start on YouTube, a trip to Hong Kong, and more!

  • E:51 Alex Wilson tells us about TikTok and Clockipedia

  • Flux Engineering

  • E:49 Zach from Byte Sized Tells Us About His DIY Self-Balancing Skateboard

  • E:48 Live Stream - Jeremy's Vacation, Turning Espresso Tampers, Smart Plugs, and the Pi-KVM

  • E:47 Olivia Snyder Makes Awesome Pottery

    Olivia Snyder talks about her pottery innovations, as well as her experience running (and expanding) makerspace through a pandemic.

  • E:46 Matt Perks from DIY Perks

    Matthew from DIY Perks talks about his year, a cob house that he built, YouTube, and much more!

    Matt also told us about his accent, and he taught us about the Foot-Strut Split. You can hear all about Matt’s accent at 2:50 in the second video!

  • E:45 Keeping Parts in Stock for Tindie and Cloudfree

    Jasmine from Tindie and Kenny from Cloudfree (Tasmota IoT devides) stop by to discuss the intricacies of selling and shipping custom electronics on the Internet!

  • E:44 Talking Trebuchets Pumpkins and SlingFest with Tommy Trebuchet

    I need to write a paragraph or two about my friend Tommy here, but I also want to publish this before I forget.

  • E:43 Basic Woodworking with Rex Krueger

  • E:42 All About CNC, the Shapeoko Pro, and the Nomad 3 with Winston Moy

    On this episode, we interviewed prolific maker and CNC enthusiast Winston Moy. I was particularly excited about this interview. Winston works for Carbide 3D, the creators of the Shapeoko and Nomad CNC machines.

    I am a happy Shapeoko XXL owner. It may not be Winston’s fault that I chose the Shapeoko over its competitors, but I did binge watch all of Winston’s YouTube content after ordering my Shapeoko. Winston’s videos were invaluable, and I know I wouldn’t have been as successful cutting my FPV miniquad frames so quickly without his guidance.

  • E:41 Max Maker's German Business, Jeremy the Florida Man, and Hulk Hogan: American James Bond?

    Max Maker talks about running a small business in Germany, and Jeremy reveals his Florida Man credentials. We also discuss how RVs (caravans) relate to Knight Rider, which relates to Hulk Hogan (who may himself be the original Florida Man).

  • E:40 Glowforge Laser Misadventures, DIY NAS, 3D Printed Air Ducts, and LED PCBs for Bicycle Wheels

    This was our first ever live stream on The Creativity Podcast. We had plenty of glitches, but we both agree that it went better than we ever expected. We talked to Brian Moses about his 2020 DIY NAS, we talked to Taylor about his extreme difficulties with his Glowforge laser cutter, and your hosts Jeremy Cook and Pat Regan chatted about CNC, 3D printing, and electronics projects.

  • E:39 Chad Dowdell Talks About Lasers, Etsy, and Pizza Cutting

    On this episode of The Creativity Podcast, we interviewed Chad Dowdell. Chad is a maker, an art teacher, and a laser enthusiast.

    We talked with Chad about his Etsy store, his X-Carve CNC router, and his “black and red” laser cutter from an unknown manufacturer in China.

    Chad is excited about what he’s doing, and it really shows. We had a great time talking to him, and we think you’re really going to enjoy this episode of The Creativity Podcast!

  • E:38 Introducing Pat Regan, DIY Home Automation, and Mr. Laser

    After a number of solo episodes with excellent guests, but no secondary source of commentary, please welcome Pat Regan as the new co-host of the show. Pat’s a prolific maker, quadcopter aficionado, electric unicycle rider, and (for now) early retiree. He promises to add a bit of “Pennsylvania Texan” flair to the show!

  • E:37 Wes Faler Started His Own Space Agency

    Miles Space CEO Wes Faler talks about how he founded his own space agency, with help from friends at Tampa Hackerspace and years of work with AI programming and simulation.

  • E:36 Becky Stern Talks Hand Drawing

    Hand drawing is an art that many of us forget as we grow into adults. In this episode of The Creativity Podcast, Becky Stern talks about some of the techniques and thought process behind hand drawing. We also touch on her other pursuits, how I am now a Mac person, but not a motorcyclist, and more!

  • E:35 Create Robotic Music with Arduino MIDI with Ezra Spencer from The Mixed Signal

    Ezra Spencer from [The Mixed Signal][] joins us to talk about his amazing Arduino MIDI sound machines, and how you too can use MIDI with Arduino.

  • E:34 Stan Dmitiev from (Control Real Robots From Your Computer)

    [][sgtv] allows you to play REAL games remotely through your browser. Stan Dmitriev from [][sgtv] talks about how they pull off this incredible feat, and how soon YOU can too with their SurroRTG platform. Exciting stuff, and I personally can’t wait to delve into it, as my ~20 other projects-in-progress.

  • E:33 Get Started with FPV Drones with Pat Regan

    In this episode, we talk getting started with FPV drones, like the TinyHawk, and other quadcopters made by DJI and the like. We discuss the best drone setups for starting out, whether you should go FPV immediately, and potential legal issues.

  • E:32 Physics Anonymous Will Soon Finish Their Lathe

    Mike and Ryan share their new business plans and tease their new knife.

  • E:31 Dave Darko Waterskiing With RFID

    In this episode we discuss Dave Darko’s hacking exploits, including his Lameboy and Fameboy, and even RFID waterskiing! We also discuss his apparent penchant for eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes. Enjoy!

  • E:30 James Bruton Builds a Ton of Robots

    James has an amazing workfow. He publishes several videos per month while designig, building and testing his DIY robot creations all while even editing his videos!

  • E:29 Matthew from DIY Perks Tells Us Why He Loves His Jigsaw!

    Matthew from DIY Perks had his first Podcast recording ever! We discuss our favorite tools and sources of inspiration. Matthew also shares his latest video with us. It was great having him!

  • E:28 Pat Regan is Back Again

    This is a special COVID-19 episode that is not different in any way from our regular episodes. Enjoy!

  • E:27 Just the Two of Us

    Jeremy and I share our plans for the next year, upcoming projects, favourite tools and new equipment purchases. Enjoy!

  • E:26 Pat Regan

  • E:23 Acorn to Arabella Tell Us About Their Atkin Ingrid Sailboat Project

    Steve and Alix tell us how they decided to do things differently by building a wooden ship and living their dream. Great guys and big dreams. Enjoy!

    They are working on building a sailboat! It is a 38’ Atkin Ingrid that will displace 25,000 pounds of water.

    • 0:00 - Intro
    • 2:43 - What powers this boat? Is it a sailboat?
    • 3:53 - You guys are starting from scratch. Neither of you have ever sailed before?
    • 10:50 - The community is really getting together to help build the ship!
    • 14:15 - Are you guys married? Do either of you have kids?
    • 15:17 - Why did you decide to build this exact type of ship?
    • 17:52 - Do you get plans for a boat like this out a catalog?
    • 28:46 - Was it difficult switching to full-time YouTube?!
    • 31:28 - How was this boat-building projected pitched to you, Alix?
    • 43:41 - How do we support Acorn to Arabella?
    • 47:48 - What have been working on? (besides the boat!?)
    • 56:33 - What do you do when The Discovery Channel calls?
    • 59:53 - What’s Max Maker working on?
    • 1:00:14 - What’s Jeremy Cook working on? (ClearCrawler)
  • E:22 Becky Stern Makes Things in New York Including Knitting For Her Dog. That Rhymes!

    Becky is an avid maker of all things from woodworking to electonics and beyond! We had a lively discussion about electronics, pranking your neighbours, dogs, cosplay, and working for instructables. Don´t miss out on this one!

  • E:21 Brian Lough Talks Selling Electronics

  • E:20 Daniel from Switch and Lever Went To China to Buy Parts

    Daniel Jansson from Switch & Lever went to China to source parts for the Maker Knife. He went to Shenzen a city full of manufacturers for absolutley anything. We also talk about our new year resolutions.

    Have fun guys, and girls!

  • E:19 End of Year Rush

    Christmas is a busy time, Jeremy and I have lots of stuff to discuss before the year ends!

  • E:18 John Davis Tells Us About The Struggles Of Starting A Business

    This week, our guest is John Davis from He setup his own company recently offering industrial grade addons for raspberry pi and we talk about making things and seting up a business.

  • E:17 Jimmy Diresta Joins our Boat Building Special

    This Week Jimmy Diresta joined us to celebrate our 1 year aniversary of The Creativity Podcast. This is a boat building special where we discuss all kinds of watersport topics, stories and techniques. Enjoy!

  • E:16 New York Maker Faire and Moving to a New Shop

    This week Jeremy shares his experience from New York Maker Faire 2018 and I talk about my new Workshop. Lots of cool updates and this is at least better than listenting to the radio for 50 minutes.

    You can also listen on SoundCloud.

  • E:15 Matt Brailsford Builds Miniature Arcade Machines

    You can also listen on SoundCloud.

  • E:14 Steve Ramsey Tells Us Wow to Become a Woodworker

    Steve Ramsey joined us this week and we talk about tools, woodworking videos and his new platform.

  • E:13 Look Mum No Computer - Find Out How Analog Modular Synthesis Works

    This week we are joined by the amazing artist Sam Battle from Look Mum No computer. He is is all about modular analaog synthesis and tells us what this actually means, because we had no idea, but we love his videos!

  • E:12 With Peter Brown, European Cars, and Japanese Woodworking

    Peter Brown of Shop Time joined us to discuss a number of super interesting topics including cars, youtube, woodworking, resin, pancackes, trolls, making a living selling pens and the right work life balance. Super fun! Let us know who should be our next guest!!!

  • E:11 Will Smith from FOO VR Tells Us How VR Will Change the World!

    Will Smith is joining us this week who is the founder of FOO VR and a founding member of Tested. We discuss the latest trends in Virtual Reality, building hydrofoils and scifi movies from the 90s. Enjoy!

  • E:10 With ProtoG - We talk About Being Creative When Prototyping

  • E:9 Laura Kampf - We Discuss Her Tiny House and How She Made It On Youtube

    In this episode we have the fantastic Laura Kampf as our guest. We talk about her tiny house and how she got big on Youtube. Let us know if you have any topic or guest suggestions! Enjoy!

  • E:8 We Discuss Why We Love Woodworking with John Parilla

    John is a very talented woodworker and we use this opportunity to discuss our passion for wood and things made out of wood.

  • E:7 Maths Science and Making Cool Stuff with Pocket 83!

  • E:6 Just the Two of Us...

    This week Jeremy and I discuss our workshop layouts and favorite tools, as well as his recent roadtrip.

  • E:5 How to Make Everything

    Andy George from How to Make Everything joins us to discuss what it takes to build what we have from scratch.

  • E:4 Physics Anonymous, Lathe Rebuild, Youtube And Growing Up At NASA

    This weeks guest are Mike and Ryan from Physics Anonymous. We discuss, making videos, their lathe rebuild, how to get started as a maker, Nasa and many other cool topics.

  • E:3 Getting into Programming, Snake Oil, and Maker Faire

  • E:2 Jumanji Board, Movies, and Making Youtube Videos with Steve Richter

    This week we have the prop maker Steve Richter as our special guest. We discuss making youtube videos, our favourite movies, buying tools, and Jeremy’s Hurricane Irma experiences.

  • E:1 Death of Juicero

    In this show we talk about our progress in the world of making as well as cool new projects like the Jumanji board by Steve Richter.

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