After a number of solo episodes with excellent guests, but no secondary source of commentary, please welcome Pat Regan as the new co-host of the show. Pat’s a prolific maker, quadcopter aficionado, electric unicycle rider, and (for now) early retiree. He promises to add a bit of “Pennsylvania Texan” flair to the show!

  • 3:30 Pat tells you what not to do as a tape monkey
  • 9:30 There are 90,000 words in a novel. 55,000 in a teen novel.
  • 12:20 The $15 HDMI-to-USB dongles are $10 now!
  • 16:30 Mr. Laser
  • 18:40 Ooberlights
  • 23:00 Jeremy’s Home Assistant adventures
  • 27:30 You can flash Tasmota over-the-air?!
  • 32:20 Tasmota template repository
  • 43:32 Chair occupancy sensors for home automation
  • 45:55 Pat’s Monoprice 8323 headphones with red velour earpads

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