On this episode, we interviewed prolific maker and CNC enthusiast Winston Moy. I was particularly excited about this interview. Winston works for Carbide 3D, the creators of the Shapeoko and Nomad CNC machines.

I am a happy Shapeoko XXL owner. It may not be Winston’s fault that I chose the Shapeoko over its competitors, but I did binge watch all of Winston’s YouTube content after ordering my Shapeoko. Winston’s videos were invaluable, and I know I wouldn’t have been as successful cutting my FPV miniquad frames so quickly without his guidance.

I said I would leave a few links in the description. Here’s a link to the 2mm single-flute endmills with the burrs that I’ve been using to cut carbon fiber. I’ve used many cheap 2mm endmills, but I believe these will be my favorite.

I believe I also mentioned this Amana carbon fiber cutting endmill. We haven’t even tried this yet, so I can’t recommend it. I’m leaving it here just in case you were curious.

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