Miles Space CEO Wes Faler talks about how he founded his own space agency, with help from friends at Tampa Hackerspace and years of work with AI programming and simulation.

  • 0:00 Wes Faler’s history
  • 3:45 AI simulations in Wes’s apartment
  • 8:55 Moving from simulations to real thrusters
  • 12:30 Physics of Electric Propulsion
  • 17:12 Using genetic algorithms to design a thruster
  • 18:28 Going from theory to prototype
  • 23:39 [Cube Quest Challenge][cqc]
  • 38:42 Wes drive a Bugatti?!
  • 40:00 Does Florida somehow encourage creativity?!
  • 41:55 What advice does Wes have?
  • 47:35 Patreon Shoutouts!

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