This was our first ever live stream on The Creativity Podcast. We had plenty of glitches, but we both agree that it went better than we ever expected. We talked to Brian Moses about his 2020 DIY NAS, we talked to Taylor about his extreme difficulties with his Glowforge laser cutter, and your hosts Jeremy Cook and Pat Regan chatted about CNC, 3D printing, and electronics projects.

  • 0:00 - Intro with Batman
  • 1:30 - The real introduction
  • 2:28 - Brian’s time management problems
  • 3:14 - Brian’s DIY NAS
  • 8:40 - Jeremy’s Raspberry Pi NAS
  • 13:30 - Pat failing to properly show off his problems
  • 17:34 - Taylor’s Glowforge laser cutter misadventures
  • 48:30 - Shout out to Patrons
  • 50:15 - Jeremy’s 3D printed air duct adapters
  • 57:47 - Pat is almost doing a good job live streaming
  • 58:37 - Pat tries to explain his engineering problem
  • 1:06:26 - Jeremy’s LED PCB for bicycle wheel safety lighting
  • 1:10:43 - Disappointed with the science in Away on Netflix

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